Do-it-yourself car all-round visibility system.
Do-it-yourself car all-round visibility system.

Do-it-yourself car all-round visibility system.

At first, the all-round visibility on the car was completed normally. An example would be Nissan brand models (Qashqai, X-Trail). Then the kits of such an intelligent parking system began to be offered on the market separately, as universal accessories, and we'll talk about them.

How it works.

To get a 360-degree view, you need at least four cameras around the perimeter of the car body: rear, left, right and front. The signal from video cameras goes to a special device, which can be divided into several types:

1. Selector for 4 cameras (for example, SPARK AV908, the price is about 3000 rubles without cameras). Using the control panel, you display the image of one of the cameras.

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If you want a cheaper all-round view and the ability to choose cameras yourself, then this is what you need.

2. Universal car digital video recorder (for example, BGT-C-VCR01, about 8000 rubles without cameras). An analogue of the aforementioned selector, but it allows you to display an image not only from one camera, but from all at once.

Surround cameras for the car.

If you decide to choose video cameras yourself, then consider the following options: 1. Forward and backward, it will be right to choose a universal car rear and front view camera with parking guidelines. There will be no problems with finding them, there are a great many of them. And the price of such an accessory is not high, you can keep within 1,000 rubles apiece.

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