LED lamps for cars.
LED lamps for cars.

LED lamps for cars.

There are many brands on the domestic market for halogen lamps, from world famous to the so-called

With the development of LED technology, Xenon headlights are gradually giving way to Bi Led. This allows you to improve the low and high beam by 2 times compared to xenon. Read more.

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On many cars, when reversing, the standard lighting equipment provides poor illumination. This is mainly caused by pollution of lanterns, low-power halogen bulbs Read more.

Over the past 2 years, there has been a growing interest in various types of daytime running lights. Thanks to this, domestic manufacturers of high-quality LED lamps for cars are gradually appearing. Read more.

There are several options for implementing daytime running lights based on the head light of a car. Consider the option of installing H27 (880/881) LED bulbs in the fog lights. Read more.

Manufacturers of LED car lamps are gradually improving the design of their products, trying to increase power and reduce heat. One of the latest developments is cooling from a large number of aluminum fins. Read more.

All https://cdn-103.anonfiles.com/XdG7Jfp4ve/84737818-1639040634/Bar%20Stools-manual.pdf LED lamp shops are inundated with Chinese products, mostly of low quality. High-quality China is more expensive, because of this they buy much worse, although the service life is 3-5 times longer. Read more.

LED lenses, unlike xenon lenses, have a built-in high-power LED, switching between low and high beam occurs due to a closing curtain. The common name is "LED lenses", but there are many other synonyms, Read more.

The review involves a new design LED lens from the LUMA brand, which differs from the classic one. Lenses are usually made with a reflector on which the light https://cdn-147.anonfiles.com/zep52btbv9/ef845d74-1639089329/Lupai%20Women%20Watch-manual.pdf distribution depends. Read more.

Features of LED auto lamps.

In this section, I post reviews and tests of LED lamps for cars with low and high beam, for front dimensions and rear lights. Most often, there are popular models with H4 and H7 base, W5W T10.

It is very difficult for an ordinary buyer to make the right choice when buying. Russian and foreign online stores often overestimate the technical characteristics of products, and it is very difficult to distinguish good from bad. Domestic stores simply copy the information provided by Chinese sellers. In addition to the overestimated parameters, fake LEDs can be used, very similar to the original ones, but inferior to them in quality, duration of work and having a lower luminous flux. Stores especially like to use the names of famous manufacturers, the leader is the Cree brand. Just mentioning CREE on the packaging and description increases the number of sales several times, and exactly the same number of times you may be disappointed in the purchase. But, as a rule, you will not know about it, because:

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