Smartphone review HTC One V.
Smartphone review HTC One V.

Smartphone review HTC One V.

Smartphone review HTC One V.

"Strong middle peasant" - this is how you can dub the HTC Legend smartphone revived in the face of HTC One V. The middling, due to the good price / functionality ratio, is sturdy - because traditionally for devices of this brand, the body is made of metal, and the build quality is beyond praise. Will the most affordable One in the One line be as coveted as the HTC One X?

Appearance and ergonomics.

You don't often come across devices that, when you take them in your hand, feel as if they were created specifically for you. If frankly, we have not seen smartphones with such build quality for a long time, and considering that we have visited a non-commercial sample, HTC One V deserves the highest marks.

The only thing you can find fault with is the tempered glass, or rather, how quickly it becomes covered with fingerprints. The situation is saved by a bright display, when it is turned on, prints remain visible only on a sunny day, and then at a certain angle. But even that is not the worst thing. The problem is that it is impossible to quickly remove them from the glass surface using the usual method for most - wiping on a shirt or "press" is not possible. As we said, this is partly offset by the bright display and partly by the tactile experience. So that they don't talk about high-quality plastic, polycarbonate and other materials, holding a well-cut metal bar in your hands is much more pleasant.

As you may have noticed, the main design feature of the HTC One V is the curved bottom. Thanks to this, it is more convenient to hold the phone with one hand, and during a conversation, the microphone located at the bottom end is closer to the lips. The entire front panel, with the exception of the aforementioned protrusion, is covered with tempered glass slightly protruding above the body level. In its upper part you can see holes for the speaker, and in the lower part there are three touch keys - "Back", "Home" and "List of running applications". The latter has a double purpose: calling the list of running applications and, since the screen resolution does not allow to select a separate virtual key, with a long hold - the "Context Menu".

On the sides of the case there is a micro-USB connector on the left, and an oblong volume rocker on the right.

At the top there is a 3.5mm jack, an event indicator running from the front to the back, and a power / lock button.

On the back of a uniform color you can see a 5 MP camera lens with a flash, the HTC and Beatsaudio logo, near which there are many holes for the second speaker.

Operating system and interface.

All One line smartphones run Android Ice Cream Sandwich and HTC Sense 4.0. 9 Best Presents For Her On St. Valentine’s Day All software capabilities are similar to those previously reviewed by HTC One X. You can read about the features of the Android 4.0 operating system in this review.


The younger model HTC One V is equipped with a single-core Qualcomm MSM 8255 processor operating at a clock speed of 1 GHz and an Adreno 205 graphics core. The smartphone has 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB of ROM, of which about 2.8 GB is available to the user.

Such a filling can hardly surprise anyone in 2012, but given the cost of a smartphone, as well as the presence of Android 4.0, it will hardly be possible to find something even more affordable.

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